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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fra ra ra ra rah rah rah rah rah....

That is my favorite line from A Christmas Story. Especially now that we are here in Singapore with Asians and we've had the duck here and it actually does come with the head attached! Plus, it reminds me just a little of my American home.
Our first Christmas in Singapore has been celebrated, toys have been played with and broken and before we can get the lights out of the trees our kids have begun the gimmes AGAIN! They're my kids all the way! It's good to want as long as they know they aren't getting everything!
Of course the kids were spoiled and got too much stuff and so did I. I got both Jewelry AND a kindle. I also got one of the cutest Santa's ever to celebrate our first Christmas here.
Not much really seemed different except that we all were wearing shorts and t-shirts instead of warm and fuzzy jammies. The groundskeeper was sweeping the dead leaves which gave a nice background noise, and made my kids sad that he wasn't celebrating like us. Instead of snow gear the kids got swimming gear. Still chuckle over that one. It just feels weird to go swimming in DECEMBER and OUTSIDE! Not that I'm complaining.
The kids played with the Chinese neighbors next door for quite a while after opening presents. My most memorable quote will be the Chinese girl asking me "can I just ask you one question? did all of this cost you a fortune?" Yes, Chloe it did. And I"m a little ashamed of it, but probably do the same thing next year. I always do. The neighbors only get one present, one fairly expensive present but as Chloe told me..."I don't spend all my money, and my pocket change is growing". Maybe she can teach me.
I think it wa a success. NO one said they missed anything or wished we would still be in the States. We all enjoyed the day playing our new family games and eating too much candy. My favorite times are the times we all spend together, reconnecting and learning about eachother. It really was just another Christmas to us no matter where we are in the world. Hope all of yours was wondorous too.

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Leone said...

..... hope this New Year brings you and your family lots of joyful moments as you settle into living in SE Asia!

looking forward to catching up again in 2011