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Monday, March 21, 2011

Everybody Loves Relaxing

There are alot of things here that are harder than in Utah. I still struggle with some of them from time to time but not as much as I struggled at the beginning. But that might be because I have found the BEST cure of all those trying times.

Yes, that is me laying around in a very nice recliner after getting both a back and shoulder massage, head and face massage and just starting on my foot massage. This is the cure for all that ails you. Trust me!

You can get just about any type of massage you want here and at a good price too! Food may be extremely expensive but those massages fit my pocket book!

This massage is at My Happy Feet in Holland Village. It also has spa fish for your feet. Which is also a really nice indulgence while here in Singapore. There are times when things are hard but honestly......
Everybody Loves Relaxing


aggiejenn said...

LOVE My Happy Feet! Went there just before my surgery to "stock up." :-) Glad you're enjoying the relaxation!!

SILLYA said...


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Laurel said...

I'm stocking up too! I need to get my fill before we leave for good!

It's a good relief for those days when my washer takes forever and I'm handwashing my 5th load of dirty dishes and then realize that I forgot to turn on my oven so dinner is still frozen!Those are the days the massage feels needed and not such an indulgence!