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Monday, March 14, 2011

If an 8 year old can So can you!

My Jake, who just recently turned 8 is writing a blog at school! Friday I got to read some of his posts and some of the things he has been learning about blog etiquette.

I do think that learning how to be nice and polite in a web based world is an important part of any teaching. Whether it comes from school or home, we should all learn how to correctly communicate through the web. Jake is only learning about blog etiquette right now but these rules should hold true for instant messaging and texting too.

So, for all my lovely readers both real and anonymous, I would like to go over some blog etiquette rules that we can all work on, including me.

Rule #1 BE respectful. This one is for both the poster and the reader/commenter. Don't write a post that could potentially be negative to a person or a group of people. If you are responsible enough to have a blog you should be responsible enough to think of the feelings of others.

Rule #2 Don't engage in an online argument or invoke personal attacks. If someone does not agree with your post that is fine and dandy. We are all allowed to have our own opinions but arguing in the comment section makes you both look ignorant and mean.

Rule #3 Make your comments worthwhile. Think about the comments you want to leave, are they kind? Do they stick to the subject? Is your comment a personal attack? What did you like about the post? If you can not make a nice comment it is best to move on and wait for a post you can comment nicely on.

Rule #4 Update your blog on a regular basis. If someone is taking their time to read your blog you should be courteous enough to post regularly. I myself struggle with this one and will try better for my few dedicated readers.

Rule #5 Respond to your comments on your blog. Again, take the time to let the commenter know that you care what they said and that you took the time to read what they had to say. Try to say something nice about their comment.

These are my top 5 rules, My 8 year old is learning a few different rules but these ones pertain to my blog and what I want to portray on my own little personal web space.

Knowing someone in real life and knowing someone through their blog are 2 very different things. I know that this blog of mine is only a snippet of my life and that my sons is only a snippet too (he really doesn't play Club Penguin ALL DAY!) Presuming that you know someone because you read their blog is not accurate, however, if you want to get to know them more then meet them if at all possible. I met one of my most favorite people through her blog.

You may not know these people personally but be courteous be respectful. If you wouldn't say it to someones face don't say it on a blog comment!
I think it all goes back to that golden rule...
Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.
God sure knows what he's talking about!


Anonymous said...

God sure knows what he is talking about and He sees everything.
May God bless you and your family. I am new to your blog as of today. Have you considered going to therapy to help you get started on difficult tasks? Unfortunately it sometimes takes someone else saying this to get you in the right direction. I am praying you get your priorities worked out.
Thank you for your rules of etiquette. It may seem like you have a long road ahead of you, but God is there for you as well as your Singapore friends and family. One day at time....prayer helps and works.
See you soon.

Laurel said...

Hello Anonymous,
it is so nice to see you again. Your comment has made me realize one of the etiquette rules I have forgot.

Thou shall not feed the trolls. When people spew insults, pick fights, or take contrarian positions just for the sake of being contrary, ignore them. Insulting online miscreants or engaging them in arguments accomplishes nothing, it just further pollutes the pages with pointless back-and-forth.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time feel free to leave a name.

Andrea said...

OH MY! :}

Good stuff, Laurel. I love that Jake has a blog. Anna has one for school too only her teacher isn't as disciplined about making her blog as she should be. :)

I LOVE the friends I have made through blogs. It can be quite a useful tool.


Laurel said...

I'll bet that teacher is doing the best she can. Why in the world are you reading my blog in the wee hours? YOu have an appt. in the morning and need your rest! LOL

My blog has been good for my soul and my friendships. I learn so much from other blogs too. It's a great tool to use if used properly.