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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I even got ice cream!

Penguin friend ready for surgery
Jake had oral surgery this week. We went in a week ago because he was complaining of a VERY sore tooth. I went to get him from school and he was in the nurses office because it hurt so bad.

First step...we went to the dentist. Jake HATES the dentist, scared out of his mind of the dentist and really for no apparent reason. We had the incentive program working, otherwise known as bribery. He actually did really good. They took a full x-ray and even looked in his mouth without so much as a whimper! I was so relieved.

BUT, we needed to make another appointment with an oral surgeon because the tooth was cracked and needed to be removed.

Next step...pediatric oral surgeon. Let me just say she is GREAT! She was so kind and gentle with Jake and he ate. it. up! He even got to watch TV while in the chair and was very willing to spit in the spitoon they have. The surgeon pointed out Jake's "extra" tooth that was impending the progress of losing teeth (he's only lost one and he's 8). She suggested that we remove the extra tooth, the top two teeth that should be gone already, a bottom one that won't fall out and was starting to look infected and finally the cracked molar that started this whole thing! 5 teeth in all needed to be removed. We scheduled a surgery to  put him under to make it easy on all of us.

Final step....Medical center for surgery. Jake was a little scared but he did what he needed to do and faced his fears. He is now 5 teeth short but 4 stitches. It went easier than the surgeon thought and was done in 45 minutes and not the 90 she thought. He took a little longer to wake up but he even got ice cream so all was well. However, he threw all that up when we pulled into the parking structure for home. It did not stop him from eating the Ben and Jerry's I got for him later though.

Natalie is quite impressed with him if not a little jealous of all the attention. Jake is pretty proud of his emtpy mouth. He has only taken pain meds once since the surgery and was bouncing around the house at 2 AM, just  a few hours past surgery! I kept him home but  he's still bouncing and talking non-stop. We had to do some research on why he needed an IV and why the happy gas smells funny. Otherwise, he really should be at school. The surgeon wanted him to take 4 days off for relaxing but he's wanting to swim so I think he's fine!
before surgery
Getting ready to go in with Daddy

smile before surgery

smile the next day after surgery

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