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Friday, April 29, 2011

Half of my life

Next month I'll not only be celebrating my Birthday but I will also be celebrating the month I met my husband, 19 years ago!  So, officially I will have been with my husband for 1/2 of my life!

He officially will know me better than my mom or sisters. He has put up with more of my crap than anyone else and he still loves me.
He's seen me change from a struggling 19 year old college student to a semi-confident mother of 3 and wife of 1.
He's seen wrinkles appear on my face, sunspots on my arms and still keeps his mouth shut if he has ever seen a gray hair.
He's seen my weight go up and down, along with my emotions. And he still can't keep his hands off me!
He has shared my heartbreaks, frustrations and best of all my joys!
He has supported me in dozens of ideas even when he thought they were silly. Sometimes they don't work and he's still proud of me!
He has moved me from Nebraska to Idaho to Utah and now to Singapore.
He's given me 3 of the best children in the world.
He doesn't make me feel old. With him I feel young and dumb again!
He lightens my day with his sexy little smirk.
He's made me more confident and allowed me to shine. Even if at times he has had to take a backseat.

We have done so much together, celebrated so much, cried over so many things but there isn't a better partner I'd want on this roller coaster of life.The best part is that we have alot of fun together! We enjoy eachother. I chose a great partner to spend my life with, this last half has been great! I hate getting older but knowing that he's been beside me through 1/2 of my life makes this Birthday so much better.


Andrea said...

Two 1/2's make a whole. You two are both awesome and you deserve each other! Happy early birthday!!!

Leone said...

a fabulous post ..... I hope others get as much joy out of reading this post as I did.

I hope the next half of your life is full have the same love and joy you have experienced so far .....

and I wish you the very best of birthdays too. xxx

Laurel said...

You gals are too nice. This post took a turn I wasn't expecting. I'm still amazed that I have spent this much time with such a great man!I'm very lucky.