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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AHEM, getting on my soapbox

Let me talk about Miley Cyrus and these "embarrasing" photos that just came up for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

This is how I see it. I don't really think that Miley has ruined her career as many have said. The photos really aren't that distasteful and personally I don't see them as provacative. I've seen plenty worse on TV shows or commercials that our children watch everyday and no one seems to freak out on those. I think Britney is getting her act together so the media needs someone else to hound and hackle. Here comes Miley with a semi famous dad and a great following.

I'm tired of the media scrutinizing all these little things she does. Too much make up, lip synching on her tour, too many peace signs. Get over yourselves!! She is a 15 year old little girl trying to find herself in a world where everyone watches. She is told to look and act like a demure girl in a world where sex sells. She is only acting her age.

What I think is the worst part is that all this media attention is bringing it more to the forefront then if we had just looked at the cover and moved on. There are so many more important things to worry about then if Miley Cyrus/Hannanh Montana has ruined her billion dollar career by posing in a sheet with a bare back. I bet her swimsuit shows more skin then that photo!!

It all brings me back to this...if you don't like it don't participate. No need to bring a minor into the situation and ruin her just because you may not like something she stands for. YOU are giving her free press by making a big deal out of nothing. Dont' watch her shows or listen to her music. No one is making you and I feel it is just hurtful to drag a 15 year old's reputation through the mud because you take offense to a picture that you didn't have to look at in the first place.

I feel she has done nothing wrong but take a picture that the world seems to be overreacting to. Vanity Fair always does risque photos (Demi moore pregnant) and this one is tame comparably in my opinion.I think she is doing the best she can with all the pressures of being a tween star and trying to find herself on that stage. Who does she really have as a role model?

I like her and will continue to do my part in making her a gazillionare. Like I said, I have seen worse on regular TV shows or even video games that the majority of people seem to think is ok. If you don't like it don't give it press.

Done with my soap box.

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