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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break 2008-Zoo trip

We finally got to the zoo this week. Jake is my animal lover and we could go every day if it were up to him. I think everyone had the same idea as us because it was very busy and the line was super long!! Grey tried to take a picture but couldn't really get the full line. Our season pass came in handy because we got to surpass all those people. YEAH for us. We also took a trip to the Children's museum this week but I was too busy talking to people to take too many pictures. We really had a good week. I think my kids really needed it because they were getting along great all week. I can count on one hand all the fights they had. It is so great when that happens. It was a busy week and the kids go back Monday but only for about 6 more weeks and then it's summer vacation. I am so ready for a break. I really like having my kids around. Next year all will be in school. I need to enjoy while I can.

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