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Monday, April 21, 2008

Man Spray

A few weeks ago Jake got into the Cologne Spray that Grey got for Christmas. Jake asked if he could use some "man spray". I didn't know what he was talking about until he showed me and so I let him use it. That same day he also dressed up, put on a belt and then wore Natalie's pink cowboy boots!! All the time talking about what man's do. Since then he wears man spray regularly when we go out. He has put some on a dog-the boy one and our cat. He says he needs to get a wife because that's what man's do too. He is dead serious about this and I have been using it as leverage to get him to do things that he usually won't. Today he wants to go to walmart and find more man spray because he wants to smell different. I don't think the Axe people were thinking of a 5 year old when they made the cologne spray. I love the imagination of kids and how those little minds work.


Amberlie said...

That "man spray" thing sure cracks me up...Gavin is sitting with me saying, "Jake, Jake,Jake,Jake..." you get the point..LOL

SILLYA said...

Rye was just telling me about a boy in her class that wears "Man spray" that stinks up the room when he gets to school. Funny how she interprets it in her 6th grade mind. Jake is a handsome kid!