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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jake Update

He did take the X-rays!! 4 of them and after he says, "that didn't hurt at all". He also laid on the chair for the dentist to look at his teeth again, just in case he missed something the first time. SO, the x-rays show 4 more cavities between the teeth and he has an extra tooth growing the opposite way in the front. Nothing to worry about yet but we'll have to retake a look in a few years. Anyways, Bob did have to coax Jake some to get the pictures taken and even looked very nervous laying in the chair. Ends up we will still get Jake put under sedation, Bob is so not happy about that but has conceded that there is no other way. Yes, I too was right on this one. Mama bear knows her cubs. We used the incentive program for Jake and he got a fish to go swimming with. A good friend of ours is printing out snake pictures from him to put into his room. I don't know if I'll be able to go there. I am so totally afraid of snakes!!! He's told everyone about the x-rays and the snake pictures. He also keeps telling me how brave he was.


Amberlie said...

Nice...what relief! I guess Bob has to be the designated Dentist chauffeur from now on! Darn it! :)

Canesa said...

Good job "Shake"! I have THREE pictures for you and I know your Mom wants you to put one of them on your night stand! ha ha