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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Killhams

Today, my baby sister married her Prince Charming. It was a beautiful day. Full of fun and lots of rushing. The ceremony was beautiful and totally fit Theresa and Adam. It was unique and special with very beautiful colors everywhere. I wish her and my new brother-in-law many years of happiness.

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Killham as they were being announced. Theresa and Adam, thank you for letting me and my family participate in such a big day for the both of you. We look forward to making many more good memories together. I love you both. You make such a great couple and I can see the love you two have for eachother. My you grow old together on the same pillow.

I have better pictures on another camera so stay tuned for scenes from a wedding. Until then here's one of the Harness family.


Amberlie said...

What a great pic of your family, you and Natalie's dresses are adorable! And you were so worried about the dress, you look great!

Theresa said...

Man, I'm so glad I had my wedding at such a beautiful park so your family could have a beautiful picture. You are welcome! I love you!!

pat said...

Rock star bride, dress up sister, older sisters beaming at baby sister and their own babies. It was a great day. Love you.