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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Highlights

So, we are finally back from our vacation. We are all worn out and tired but fulfilled. We had a great time and loved spending all that time with both families. Besides being there to watch my sister get married to a great guy we jampacked our days with other activities. It's kind of tradition to put too much into each day and get the most of our families. Here are some of our other vacation highlights.

  • Seeing my mom after 2 years. Then later seeing all my sisters, nephews, and nieces after 2 years.
  • Trying to surprise my sister that we were there a few hours earlier then she thought. We hid under the stairs in a FEDERAL building waiting for her and she was already out of the building. Figures.
  • Real s'mores cooked over a fire in my mom's backyard. This was done with all cousins and both sides of the family atg least once. I forgot how good a real s'more can taste. YUMMY!
  • Getting a pedicure and manicure with 2 of my 3 sisters and the maid of honor. It was so nice to have some girl time and chat. Growing up with all girls in my house I sometimes forget how nice a girl chat fest can be.
  • Finally getting to eat those fabulous cherry and chocolate candy bars that are called Twin Bings. They don't sell them in our area so I try to get my fill when in Nebraska. I brought home an extra 86 to tide me over for a time.
  • My kids catching fireflys. Again, not so much in our area and so the kids had a blast chasing after them.
  • Toads peeing on the girls. They were trying to kiss it. I think all 4 girls and even Jake and Korbin tried kissing the same toad that hung around the gardens. No prince charming for them. I told them that I thought it took 20 years or so for the prince to come out of frog form.
  • Playing family games. I love games. It is so fun and boisterous at times that it leaves me with a good happy feeling.
  • Watching my dad play guitar hero with his grandsons. He loved it so much that he wants to buy the game set himself to play with his wife and he may even be able to train his dogs to play too.
  • Eating a great Nebraska fed steak. Nothing can beat that, besides maybe a twin bing.
  • Ashton and Jake doing knuckles.
  • Korbin deciding it was just easier to start calling everyone "dude".
  • Playing volleyball in Liz's backyard and realizing that we have many generations of uncoordinated people. Mom, me, Grey and Colleen. It's a curse but at least we can give others a good laugh.
  • The waterpark in Nebraska. I love that lazy river. It is warmed and it is just so lazy. Grey has been going to that waterpark since it was built and was once his favorite memory of Nebraska. It's a tradition to go and we always make time.
  • Greyson swimming!!!!! Yep, he finally got into the water. I'm so proud.
  • The Omaha zoo. Tiring but seeing the animals and just being with family can't be beat.
  • The great conversations we had with all the people in our family. It's so nice to talk face to face and not over the phone.

It really was a great trip with alot more good things that happened. We are glad to be back and will be living up our last few weeks of the summer as best as we can.


Amberlie said...

Sounds like you had some FUN! I'm jealous, glad your back though, we'll have to hang out before school, it is sneaking up on me, and I will forever be governed by the kids school schedule starting this year :(

Twisted Sister said...

There is nothing better than family time and weddings. Glad you had such a great time! It was fun to see your pictures...