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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm a sexy crafter!!

Yep, more crafts. Blocks again and one new craft. I finally got a craft cutter and it is going to make these craft projects go so much faster!! This time I finally got some pictures of doing the crafts. Figuring out how big to make the words for the glass block. (See, I'm a sexy crafter huh?)

Messing with the bow, it's really hard to get it just right.

Making sure it prints well.

But, my hard work paid off and here is the glass block. It's a gift for a friend. I hope she likes it. I worked really hard on it.

More blocks. I seriously think these ones are the most gorgeous of all of them. Bob did help me cut the papers and stuff but really, they are totally my crafts. I'm such a sexy crafter!!


Shelby said...

You GO ROCK!!! LOVE the blocks!!! Thank you to continue to inspire those of us who don't have a moment to breathe!!

Amberlie said...

You are freakin' awesome, those look GREAT!!

Theresa said...

So, does that mean you can make my letters for me for my bedroom?? YEA!!!!! Oh, and I want a certain block as well...I'll show you when we get there. We can spend all our time making blocks!

They look great. Who would have thunk! :)