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Monday, December 8, 2008

Wow, they really do grow like weeds

Jake, Natalie and Greyson December 2006. We had really JUST moved into this house. Hence all the boxes and huge mess!!

Fast forward to December 2008. Holy cow!! Did you see how fast Grey grew? Natalie's shoulders are above the banister now and so is Jake's head.

I know that kids are supposed to grow but I don't remember then growing this much in the last 2 years. Made me a little sad when I saw the first picture when I was organizing them.

Just another good reason to make everyday and every word count. I really need to remember that when my kids have pushed me to the breaking point.


SILLYA said...

WOW they HAVE grown!

Amber said...

Yes, remember that when they push you to the breaking point and you freak out, they probably won't remember. lol just kidding.

They seriously have grown a TON!!! Little cuties!

Husband Clothes said...

Yes, so important...making every word count. I keep thinking about how all my kids ever want is me (and how hard it can be...), but also how painful it will be when all they want is for me to leave them alone! Making every word, every day, and every minute count...If only it were easier to remember that every moment of the day!