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Friday, December 19, 2008

More crafts that you must look at because I said so....

Yeah, Yeah. We've been playing with my new toy. Crafts are becoming our crack. I have the ideas and true to form my husband is my worker bee. I really haven't been able to play with my craft cutter as much as I want but the crafts we are making have gone soooo much faster. So, without further ado, here are the newest projects.

These two were made for Teacher presents. The kids did most of the gluing but my cutter did all of the cutting and I did not have to measure ONCE!! Gotta love that.

Next up is friend gifts for a neighbor.

These next ones are some more glass blocks. But these ones are rectangle and can be used alone or all together. I'm going to get a better bow on it but for the purpose of this blog I took the picture before the truly finished product.

Lastly I have done a bunch of different teacher plaques.

This one was taken with a camera phone so it is not the best quality. But I still like it.

I know they are awesome yes? You all want one yes? YOU can totally buy them from me. I'm trying to raise money to get my son to Europe ( another post for another time). He helps me around the house more and is nice to his brother and sister and I will give him SOME of my profits. And the other part, I really like this stuff its fun and let's me become creative again. I'm so becoming my mom. So, let me know if you want/need or can't live without anything. I'll hook you up. Email me or just comment. I'll be getting a blog just for crafts made sometime before I go completely insane so look for it shortly. Thanks for the applause.


SILLYA said...

[Clapping Hands}{YEA}{BRAVO}

Amber said...

Why don't you just get baptized and be done with it? Seriously, you're so becoming one of those...ok of US Mormons! Lol Your crafts are really cute! Where's the "pimp" block that should be following the "ho ho ho" ones? That's the one I want!
Oh, and you really ARE a sexy crafter! Yowza!!!

Laurel said...

Thanks Sillya.
Amber I have two words for you.....
garments and Caffeine.