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Monday, December 1, 2008

A day for Happy Face

That's what my sister use to call herself when she was 4 and 5.

She also called herself the boss and ran around the house with a dirt devil mini-vac and a hat that said "who's the boss", she would then gladly shout out "ME! I'm the boss".

She could yell out Here's Johnny better than Ed Mcmahon at the tender of age of 2 maybe 3 (not sure here. I'm working with memories that are 28 years old. TODAY)

She was bald until she was 3 and once tried to pee in the front yard of a neighbors house when they had an old sink on the lawn they were trying to sell.

It's her 28th birthday today!! Although I have already made a post about Krissy when she was sick I feel the need to make another to add to the sister birthday posts. Let me tell you more about Krissy.

She is number 3 out of 4.

She is a night owl and never gets the worm.

She is smart, sexy and fun.

She has traveled to a ton of places that I only dream about and she has always brought me something back.

She lived in The Gambia (Africa) for 2 years with the Peace Corps. I sure missed her during that time.

She gives way too much of herself at times and bends over backwards to make EVERYONE happy.

She ended up with her picture in the paper for being the first baby born in Dec. and I thought she was the star of the family.

She has shined ever since.

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. We love you! Thanks for being a great sister, friend and Aunt.


Amber said...

Aw!!! I love sisters! What a cute tribute to yours. Hope her day was great!

Christy said...

Awww. that is really sweet! She sounds like a terrific person! :)

Krissy said...

I can't believe out of all the pictures you have of me, that is the one you put up! Ha! Whaddya do? Thanks for the tribute. The day was grand as grand can be. I researched for my obesity paper for most of the day, and the remainder of it checked out smoking cessation techniques for women to prevent low birth weight! However, once my man got home I did get a steak. I love the steaks in the Midwest. They are sooooo good. DC has nothing on those hunks of meat! ha!

Ok. I sound like a crazy. I'm off to finish my paper on obesity and begin my epi review. Gotta love the Friday night before finals eh?!!? =)

love ya