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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

I made more crafts. This one is of Nat's shirt she made using the wax paper stencils. We made it for a fall theme. She drew the leaves with little help from her Dad, cut out the stencil and painted her shirt all by herself. Jake has one with a ghost but he lost it somewhere.

So, after doing these first stencil shirts I had another idea for Christmas shirts for Natalie and my nieces. The red Christmas bulb looks more like a strawberry but Natalie still loves it.

Then I added bows to the sides of the arms. You can see them in another picture further down.
I also did a snowman for Jake and my 5 year old nephew.

This one has a nose but Jakes doesn't. He wants to put a top hat on the snowman but I'm worried it will look to girly.

I did more blocks this last month too.
Greyson made a shirt with a dragon on it. It looks pretty cool but I can't find it right now for a picture. It's most likely stuffed in one of his drawers or in my laundry pile.


Amberlie said...

Look at you and all your ambition, I need some if, I'm ultra unmotivated today and have a bazillion things I really need to do, to get ready for our trip and Thanksgiving, oh well.

Amber said...

Holy shiz, gf! You're waaaay too crafty to not be a Mormon. Avery wears a size 8.

Holte & Wheat Clan said...

You are killing me with your crafty self!!!!! Can't wait until we have our craft day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they were so cute. The girls looked darlling for thanksgiving. It was like your presence was here even if you weren't. I am proud of you almost as much as I love you.