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Monday, November 24, 2008

I wanna be on Tim Gunn...

Tim Gunn is the fashion guru from Project Runway. He has his own show called Tim Gunn's guide to style. Women apply to have him show them how to dress. The women give up their clothes, go through some education about how to dress for their body shape, and then go shopping for a new wardrobe with Tim's list of 10 essential items every woman should have in their closet. These women get to go get professionally fitted for a bra, go to a couture designer and usually get a dress as a present and they get to feel FABULOUS!!
The free couture dress would be AWESOME but what I would really, really, like is to be professionally fitted for a bra. My little girls need some luxury. They don't want the straps falling anymore from a too big bra either in the cups or the band. They don't want to be squeezed into tiny little cups in order for the band and straps to fit. They don't want to see extra room in the cups because they are growth challenged. And my ribs are tired of the red marks from all these "support" wires or too tight of a fit. I really don't have big melons but they are starting to head south. These melons (tiny as they are) need some lift. I'm tired of feeling so uncomfortable in a bra that I'd rather go without.
And that is where Mr. Gunn comes in. The women get to go for a professional fitting for their knockers, in a boutique where someone knows what they are doing . You know someone who's job it is to play around with racks all day. Not just some silly salesgirl trying to earn a paycheck for Prom. My tatas need some TLC. The women on his show are most likely wearing the wrong size for thier jugs and I'll bet I'm just like them. When they find the right bra all women say "Oh My Gosh, I feel so much better!!" My tiny assets probably would feel the same way. They need a chance!!
I think Tim Gunn could help enhance the ant bites I currently have into Dolly Partons. He needs a chance to try.
And that is why I really want to go on Tim Gunn's guide to style. Sure meeting Tim would be great, going to New York would be great, getting a free makeover? Once again great! But my hooters want the chance to WOOT!
I should go apply but they'll take everything out of my closet and I'm not sure that my pirates' dreams are worth giving up my closet full of clothes. But that would give me a great reason to shop some more!!


Amber said...

Go to Dillard's. They have real-live trained girls to help you find the perfect home for the twins. It's really quite enjoyable. Just tell them what you're looking for, leave your dignity at the sales won't be needing it, then go in the fitting room while she runs around finding a million bras for you to try on. She stays in the fitting room with you. Just so you know. I did it a couple of months ago and I LOVE my girls' new home :)

Formerly Fun said...

Macy's does too and seriously, the right bra is a little piece of heaven. Even if they are on the pricey side, get 2, a nude and black. Nude works under everything and actually blends better than white. I too would like to go onthe show because I'm petite and curvy and really, I'm relatively clueless about what looks great on me but I'll tell you that good bras make all my crappy clothes look better.