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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My one and only political post

This is Jake.....This is how he wore his shoes to school today......

Yep, two different shoes. But he likes them both. When I asked him why he was wearing two different shoes he told me because he is American and he can, DUH!

I love that kid. He just knows that he has a choice. That he likes both those shoes and both work equally well. He's not worried that the straps will wear out or one may get a hole. He just knows that right now they both can work and they both can fall apart. BUT, because he's an American with choices and options he can wear them both to school. And no one should tell him differently that he is wrong because he looks at a pair of shoes differently then others. NO one should bully him to wear the correct pair because he has those choices and those options. SO today I let him go to school with unmatched shoes because we do live in a democracy and he should be able to CHOOSE his shoes or his lifestyle and be proud!! Even if others think his change is wrong or that he isn't right or that the hole in one shoe could be detrimental to society. He stands by his decision because he knows that somedays we all just need a change and change is good.


SILLYA said...

Thank you!

Kimberly said...

Kids do know they have choices...and you know? Its okay. Like you said, no one should be bullying anyone else around because of their individual choices.

Amber said... day you REALLY need to learn to form an opinion! lol
Did you see Avery's voting story on my blog? Pretty dang cute. Is it me or are the kids very informed this year? Maybe just bc they're that age? I say "informed" and not "WELL informed" as also mentioned on my blog. Seriously had to laugh my butt off!

Theresa said...

Crap, I left a good comment yesterday, but just realized I didn't hit "publish". Could I be any more of an idiot today!!!

Anyway, I just commented that you are raising such beautiful children, and smart, and independent and I love that. I never doubted you would, but, it's nice to hear these stories from you, because I don't get to see them like I do with Liz's kids. You have done a wonderful job, and I hope, IF I ever have kids, mine will be as open minded, and independent and wonderful as yours.

Love you guys!!!