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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Fairy Natalie and Storm Trooper Jake.

Both kids wanted their face painted so Jake did without the Mask that he once loved. They both had a good time. We did trunk or treat at the church with some good friends of ours and they had a blast. It was the first year we ever did trunk or treat. Ithink the kids will want to do it from now on.

Greyson dressed up as a high acheiving 7th grader that left the attitude at home. Everyone was suprised to actually see him (he doesn't like going out much) and he did very well socializing with other people. I was very proud of him and it semed to make the time way more enjoyable. It's so nice to see him come back out of his shell and become the young man that I know is inside.


Amberlie said...

Trunk or treat is the best isn't it? Natalie looks so much like you in that picture, cute costumes!

Theresa said...

Did you know Jake and Aidan were the same thing!!! How cute!