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Friday, November 7, 2008

It's a travesty

So, a few weeks ago I walked over to my friend Canesa's to pick up my kids who continually disappear over there. As I walked into her home I was dumbfounded by what I found there, it was such a travesty that I was hesitant to post it here. But I feel I need to warn you all.

What I found in her house was PORN, WOMAN PORN. Her husband was vacuuming! YES, I know how awful!!! There in plain sight with children just a few feet away and some of those children were mine. And when I asked Canesa if her husband always does that she said yes and went about her way. My mouth had to drop to the floor. Her answer was so non-chalant that I felt violated!!

But that is not it! As I was walking home plotting ways to disinfect my eyes and feeling so very sorry for Canesa and how oblivious she seemed to be I walked into this......

MORE woman PORN!! IN my own home no less, and while my back was turned. My husband cooking a meal for his family!! The audacity!! And just look at that smile, so glad the children were putting away their bikes or they could have witnessed this porn themselves.

And if that wasn't enough later that night I found this......

He said he felt bad for what I witnessed at Canesa's but I think he had other reasons.

Be careful!! You never know what is lurking behind closed doors. I still feel so violated.


Christy said...

Ahhahahahhaha! That is hysterical! Now, that's some porn I can get into...sadly, that doesn't occur in my house all that often--it's a pit over here! Can you send him to my house with the vacuum cleaner next? LOL

Thanks for visiting my site & for the comment! You're a doll! :)

SILLYA said...

I want some of that PORN at my house...

Kimberly said...

And in his bare feet too! :) So funny! What a sight! I'm so glad you could experience this...thanks for alway coming over to see how I'm doing! I appreciate it! :)

Krissy said... know you are old when that is porn. I can't wait to come up and see you, I'll enlighten you what is really out there.

hmm..I think that is why I still date, I don't want that to be what is getting me all hot and bothered! Old old old. Good thing I love you though!

Tell Bob, 'good job!' he made a lot of people chuckle if nothing else. Hope you rewarded him with some bananas afterwards!=)