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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Edward, my Edward

Edward, How can I let you know all you mean to me? How I giggle whenever you walk or talk, how I see myself with you instead of that twit, Bella. How I know I am your true love if only that girl would leave! I would NEVER betray you with some filthy dog, no matter how cute his upper torso. The way you sparkle in the sunshine just mesmerizes me. If only all men were as sparkly as you, as only a true man can be. How your eyes look like they are looking straight at me, especially when they do those great zoom in shots. How I dream of you and wish that Vampires were real.
But WAIT....I can say all that to you now because I have this.....
Now, I can whisper sweet nothings in your ears. I can use you like no other. You'll hold any (drink) I want. You will always be there for me. You can sit for hours by my side and still be fulFILLed. You Edward, my Edward are truly the best Vampire to ever happen to this girls life. Cheers to you my sparkly vampire, may we have many good times all over the world!

Oh, and the movie was good. Edward kissed Bella too much, Jacob has one NICE upper body, and it was well made. Still like the books better but I can't have everything.


Liz said...

Funny! my kiddos think i need to get a happy meal at BK so I can get my very own twillight toy. I don't think they completely get it. Finished my book yesterday so am thinking I will reread eclipse to prepare for the movie. So jealous you saw it first. you kinda suck, ya know. Glad you had fun though. do you think best twillight yet?

Laurel said...

I saw GROWN women wearing the BK crowns because they had Twilight characters. Is it the best? NO, because the books are WAY more better. I think they are all both the same but New Moon didn't bother me as much as others. Go and then we'll discuss.

Ginger said...

O I love how you put into words just how I feel. I love my new diet Edward. I need to go see that movie again really soon, it was so good!

Krissy said...

I'm second in line just so you know...Eddy told me that himself. =)