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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Greyson,

Yes, I know this is public and you may hate it but I'm your mother and I get to do things like this. Deal.
You are the best researcher I know. Before we even knew we were going to Singapore you researched the country before making any opinions. You have been all for this move since the beginning. You know your stuff better than I do. You may even know Singapore better than someone that lives there. Do you know how relaxing it has been to know that I can go to you for answers on the time there, the exchange rate, the other countries around there and various other miscellaneous details? Details that would bog me down but not you. Lately you have been a well of information on all the schools in Singapore. You know exactly which school you would like to go to and are helping me to get all the information I need. I can trust your information because I know that you know this information totally. You have picked a school that looks challenging yet fun. You didn't choose the easy way at all, how many kids would do that? You are one amazing 14 year old.
You know that we will be moving a month into school and yet you are still doing your algebra homework and your AP geography homework. What kid would do that? YOU! Because you love to learn and you have never been ashamed of it. 
Not only have  you been the family researcher  for many things in Singapore you have also had many good ideas and comments about our move. Your dad and I may not say this very often but we value alot of your ideas even if we don't go with your idea.
You have also helped with things around the house and have not complained. I really appreciate your can do attitude lately. You even take all my ranting and raving about a clean house in stride. Maybe your hearing aids are turned down?
I have always been proud to be your mom but lately I am more proud then I ever thought I could be. You are such an inspiration to me and you continue to surprise me with your actions or ideas. Thank you for being you but thanks the most for being MY son. You make me happy.

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