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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I may need help

So, we're moving to Singapore for two years. We are only allowed so many pounds to ship over so some of our stuff will be going into storage and some will be going with us. Yesterday I started on my clothes. I packed all my winter clothes away and started going through all the other clothes I have.
This is where I'm beginning to think I need help. I worked for 3 hours just in my closet. I threw 2 huge bags of clothes (lawn bags) into my Yard Sale pile 2 big moving boxes of my winter clothes and this is how my closet looks now. .......
To be fair those hangers use to be squished together and the top shelf was stuffed to the ceiling. But, SERIOUSLY! 3 hours of work and I don't think I got much accomplished!
I've looked through all the clothes again and I don't think there is much more I can rid of. I start having panic attacks! I MIGHT need that particular item of clothing. And what if I do need it and it's in my storage or worse yet, someone else is wearing MY clothes and looking better? UGH! I need serious help. If my closet is this bad what is the rest of my house going to be like?

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