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Monday, July 5, 2010

sixty seven dollars and 59 cents

You can buy alot of things with that type of money. For instance....
Almost 93 candy bars
A very nice pedicure WITH those glitter toe things
A romantic dinner out with your significant other
Close to 67 bags of Nibs cherry. MMMM
Movie with popcorn and candy
Assorted clothing
An ipod shuffle
And I'm sure many other things but this is what that amount of money bought me.....My Grandma.
It bought me time to know her. She passed away about a year ago and that money is my inheritance. To me it's just money because I inherited so much more from her. My Grandma was funny, she once said to me that you don't need money to live on  you can just live on love with a little wink. She had 9 kids and very little income sometimes so I guess she knew best. It never made her bitter to not keep up with the Jones'. She had what she wanted which I believe was the love of my Grandpa. My Grandparents kissed even when others said they were too old. I can remember my Grandpa calling her Josephine and putting a light hand on her back, and they would sometimes kiss. It was beautiful to my romantic heart. She could make tomatoes, pasta, and bread stretch forEVER. I swear that's all we ever ate besides the potatoes in the basement.  My Grandma always had a kleenex in her bra and those knee-hi pantyhose that she rolled down. She had the infamous (now) O'Neill belly although it should be the Tyma belly. I think I was 12 before I realized my Grandma wasn't actually pregnant. She had 9 kids but never seemed worn out or "done" with the whole thing. She seemed to enjoy her Grandkids and some of us even got to go to her Camp O'Neill where we didn't do much but help clean and talk.

I inherited humor, love, perseverance, being happy with who you are, romantic gestures, stretching a dime,  dorkiness and the fateful belly. My "inheritance" may only be 67.59 in numbers but her influence in my life is something you just can't put a number to.

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