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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got Grass?

This is my backdoor

Do you see the grass?
Yep, just grows right through the gaps in my doors.
Even the contractor laughed and said, "now animals just come right in".
Not very funny because that is EXACTLY what they do!
You should see it when they come and do my "yard"
there is grass ALL over my kitchen floor!
Interesting things here in Singapore


Andrea said...

THAT.... is hilarious!! I've got bits of rolled up foil stuck in some of my window cracks. I'll buy you a big roll for that grass. :) Pretty clever that I got crack and rolled grass in the same comment. SURE do hope big brother is not reading. And just in case they are, I am just joking. although we do use foil in our window cracks. Totally not joking about that part.

Laurel said...

LOL, LOL, LOL. I never thought of foil! I just thought it was something I need to live with! Kitchen mart has some nice foil to fill the cracks from grass!

andrea said...

They do and it's cheap! :)