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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look out world

Greyson is gone to Southern India this week as part of his school's curriculum. I love that they have these trips to help the kids become more globally aware but I hate missing part of my family. He was so excited to go and I really am excited to send him on. It's hard putting your kids life into someone elses hands and this time to a whole other country! But I'm so excited to hear of his adventures and to see how it impacts him. He will be seeing major poverty and major commercialism all in one trip and in between he is visiting Auroville which is very "hippie" as the teacher who is the chaperone put it.

This isn't the first time Grey has been on a trip without us. The first time was in 2007 when he was just 11. He went to Washington D.C. with a group called People to People. He was one of 4 nominated from his 5th grade class. The trip was at the beginning of his 6th grade year. He had a blast! That was our first time letting him go by himself. It was hard then but I still had plenty of years left with him so it didn't bother me as much. It was great to see how much he had changed in just a nwith a little trip to D.C.

The next year he got an invitation from People to People again. But this time it was for a European trip through Wales. Grey has always loved Wales for some reason so we started fundraising to get him on this trip. However, the economy crashed and pocket books closed. We did make half the money needed so we rolled it over to another trip for him. This time to Stanford on a leadership summit. Once again, he came home just a little bit changed. He loved it and it was so great seeing how much he changes through these little trips. 

He is a good little traveler and really enjoys it. When we started discussing if we wanted to come to Singapore he was one of the first to say yes. He actually enjoyed the flight from the U.S. to Singapore. He makes traveling look easy. For me, this time is harder. I know I have few precious years with him, something I was blind to on the first few trips.  I know these are good for him and I know he learns so much. But I also know that my life is now in that stage where I have to let go more so that he can survive without me. Not that I want to but I have to for him. I have had to do family outings without part of my family because otherwise we'll never do anything. It is very hard for me and he has been missed by all of us. We even had to eat expensive steak last night because we missed him so much.

When he comes home he'll have that glitter in his eye that he's learned something, that something has touched him. He'll be a diffferent person then he was just a week ago. And that I would never deny him. That is the part that makes all this worth it! He loves it, he's good at and the world should look out because I don't think he's done exploring yet. I hope he never is, even if it means I cry sometimes and my heart hurts. I wouldn't change it.

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