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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere

A few weeks ago a friend took me to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. We went to see the monkeys and not to hike the highest hill here in Singapore which is 163.3 m high or 535 feet up. There are a TON of them at the reserve and they are not scared of humans at all so they tend to get very close to you.

The first time I went there was one cheeky little monkey that tried to pee on me! See his picture over there, that's all I saw of him. He didn't just try once he tried a SECOND TIME! He missed both times but I think we're engaged or something.
So, I couldn't wait to take the kids back and see how close you can really get to these mischievous little animals. This last Thursday Bob was actually home with us for once so we took the kids over to look. There was NOT a monkey in sight and I was disappointed. I still think it is very cool to see these animals so close without going to the zoo. Anyways we decided to explore other parts of the nature reserve.
we found a slide

a rock quarry and true love

two swimming turtles

a small zipline for the kids

and wierd things growing out of trees
And on our way back down we finally saw the monkeys! And they were all over, from the tops of the buildings to the tops of the cars and every tree that was in that reserve! The kids LOVED it!
we are parked across from that car
how close we actually get
close up of the car riding monkeys

and our favorite one with the mohawk.

It really was a fun time. I've always loved monkeys and it is so cool seeing them in their natural habitat. Sometimes you'll see poeple running and they just run right past the monkeys. I love driving here and waiting for the whole family to cross the street. Singapore has had alot of trouble with monkeys because of us silly humans feeding them. So there is a big campaign to NOT feed the monkeys. I also know that monkeys can be very dangerous so we observed more than anything but you should always be careful around ANY animal.

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