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Sunday, May 8, 2011

15 amazing facts about Greyson!

1. He grows a great beard for only being 15.
2. He is super smart.
3. He is too hard on himself when he doesn't get perfect grades.
4. He is very kind.
5. He only likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce but not chocolate ice cream.
6. He once tried to be a vegetarian. He'll probably try it again.
7. He has traveled to D.C, Nebraska, Oregon, San Francisco, Singapore, Indonesia and India. And has loved every one of them.
8. He has a wicked sense of humor.
9. He is not afraid to be true to himself no matter what.
10. He has made us all a Dr. Who fan.
11. He is funny when mom and dad are gone and he watches Jake and Nat. (Jake volunteered this one)
12. He has good taste in music and will one day appreicate disco!
13. He is a very easy teenager and we hope to keep it that way.
14. He keeps an open mind on most things. And he has good opinions on other things.
15. He is a great part of this family!

1 comment:

patty o said...

Greyson is like a drug dealer when it comes to Dr. Who. I am now addicted with the need for the Dr. also. Thanks for sharing my much loved grandson.