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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The bus wave

The kids take a bus to school here. We only have one car and since they go to 2 different schools the logistics are a pain to figure out. So, they take a bus. Grey gets to the bus on his own and can get off the bus on his own. With Jake and Natalie I have to take them to the bus and then be there to pick them up. Every morning they make sure that I am going to stay as the bus leaves so they can wave as it goes down the road. EVERY SINGLE MORNING! I haven't missed one yet but I guess there is always a possibility. This is what I see every morning as the bus takes off....

Pictures are courtesy of my friend Malia over at Postcards from Singapore. Thanks Malia!

1 comment:

malia said...

you're such a good mom!! :)