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Monday, May 30, 2011


My last post was all about things I miss about my native country! But it's not all boo hoos and pity pots here. I really do like Singapore, sure some things are different but every time we've moved things are different, even when it was to another state in the UNITED states. It's just the way it goes. I do have to add one more thing I electronic dishwasher, but right now my dishwasher goes by the name of Natalie, Greyson or Jake.

So, things I have found in Singapore....

I have found sun, sun and more sun! I love the sun. I use to be a sun worshipper. Not so much now, I still love the sun but I use sunblock when out for a long time. I love, love, love the sun and how my skin can almost sizzle with the heat from that big orange fireball in the sky, it just feels good. I'd make a great cat.

I'm also one of the few people I know that likes this heat. Okay, maybe I don't like it but it is a necessary evil as it goes with my sun. I don't mind the heat so much and a good sweat is great for your skin. Seriously, my skin is nice and dewy most of the time. I just need to drink more water to make it look even better. Maybe I just was around snow too much and this heat is a good break. But really it doesn't bother me too much.

That leads me to the next thing I've found which is a pool! IN MY OWN BACKYARD! Not my own private pool, we share with the other home owners here but it's never crowded and we can go for as little or as long as we want without problems. Get hungry, just walk home real quick and grab a snack. NO PROBLEMS!

I have found lots and lots of people! People are in abundance here in Singapore. Population is over 5 million so chances are you will find someone to chill with. I like to people watch and Singapore has a lot of it for me! All these  people have their own little stories and their own little lives. They are all unique and they all live on this great Island.

I have found so many nationalities here. It's amazing really. There are Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Australian, European, Irish, American, Latino, Scottish, Korean and so many more I haven't even MET yet. I love how all these cultures and all these nationalities can blend so well together. How there is respect for all the differences and also a great acceptance of all the differences.

Along with the different nationalities I have found different accents. I can't even pick a favorite. It's not uncommon to hear  5 or more different accents when out and about. Heck, even just a quick lunch with friends can have me hearing at least 3 accents, that doesn't count mine but does count the Texan! Just picking the kids up from school is the same way. It's like an accent store!

I have found that I can relearn so many things. Mostly out of necessity but I CAN DO IT! Singapore has had a lot of things I have to relearn or I'd seriously go crazy. Things I thought I'd never have to learn, like math. I may complain about the metric system and converting pounds to kilos but I learned it! I have also learned bits and pieces of Mandarin Chinese, yes you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

I have found some of THE BEST thunder storms I have ever heard! These thunderstorms can shake your windows AND your marble floors! I love the way the thunder vibrates through the air and the lightning shines so brightly! And sometimes I still jump when the lightning strikes too close.

I have also found that I love traveling, even more than I previously thought. I love how close we are to so many things here in Singapore and I have a list a mile long of all the things I never knew I wanted to see. And now they are becoming a must see!

I have found that my kids adjust better than me but also voice their problems better than me.

I have found that the stress of an international move is hard on a marriage but can also be very, very good for it.

And I have found great friends. Friends that no matter where we end up in this crazy world that I know we will always have the common background of Singapore.


Leone said...

awesome post ..... every word is spot on.

well done Laurel. :-)

Tanya said...

Yes to everything !

I'm so glad we met and I consider you a friend even with my sexy Australian accent ;)