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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm caught up on my laundry!!!!

Yes, you read it right. I'm fully caught up. I have nothing in my washer or dryer because it is all folded and put away. I have nothing in my laundry baskets because I have washed, dried and put everything away. I also have nothing in my ironing pile because-you guessed it- I ironed, folded and put all that away. I don't think I have had this feat accomplished for at least the last 6 months. The downside of all this is the clothes we are all wearing today will be in those baskets tonight and the whole cycle will start over. Job security right? Do you think any one will care if they go naked for the day? I'm going to enjoy my laundry free day no matter what.

I jinxed myself last week when I told someone that we haven't been sick all winter. Yep, I'm sick and so is Jake. Just a small cold but still not fun. This one gave me bone aches yesterday. I took alot of ibuprofen and laid around with Jake. He's a good cuddler. Then Natalie my care taker came home and tried to take care of me. She ended up getting frustrated because no one listened to her. At least she tried. Then it became everyone fighting with eachother and nit picking at eachother. Oh yes, the joys of child rearing. I yelled at everyone and made them sit in seperate areas until Bob got home. Then of course they all missed eachother and whined that they couldn't sit with eachother. That's my life and probably any other mom out there. Oh well. What are we to do. At least my laundry is all caught up.


SILLYA said...

I would love to have my laundry all caught up-- I don't believe it has EVER happened. I think I am way too lazy-- the baskets and Washer and Dryer may be empty-- but I always have something to fold and iron. I want some of your energy--

I think I caught your cold yesterday. I feel the aches, sneezing, cough, etc etc. In fact I went to bed at 7:3 last night. I knew the inter-webs brought people together-- but didn't know you could catch a cold through it. The power of technology is amazing.

Hope you and Jake feel better soon and that you don't share it with anyone else!

Amberlie said...

I'm so jealous! Even ironing?! Wow, I used to have an ironing pile, but I never ironed any of the clothes until I actually wore them, so no I just put them away. Sorry to hear your fam sick, you did sound a little congested at book club. I am so glad you came! Hope you enjoyed the food, girls, and conversation!