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Friday, February 22, 2008

SHHHH......I'm all alone

That's right no kids right now. It is dead quiet in my house. LOVE IT. Once in awhile I need that peace and quiet. I just need my ears to stop ringing from the constant conversation. I love talking to my kids but someday I just want them to BE QUIET!! Total silence for one more hour. AHHHH. LOVE IT!!!
In case any one was wondering I still have not got my groceries. I did get stuff to make ruebens tonight but I was too lazy to go do the big grocery trip. Plus, I wanted to come home to some silence. I did watch Big Brother though. These people are so dumb!! It really is like mice in a cage. I get so sucked into this stupid show every season. One of the couples actually had "relations" on the show!!! I'm not a prude but jeez, that's gross!!! They didn't show the "act" itself but you knew what they were doing since the guy says he'd only be like 20 seconds. Hope that isn't his claim to fame!!! How about you use some self restraint while you are on NATIONAL television. Someone's parents must be really proud. Hope I didn't offend anyone with this talk but it has really been on my mind. If my boyfriend wanted to have "relations" while we were being filmed 24 hours a day for NATIONAL tv I'd think twice about who he is. Seriously, is that how much you respect me? That's just how I see that whole thing. I'm worth at least 30 seconds! LOL. The girl says she is very competetive so maybe they just race to the ummm finish line? I may be wrong about all this but it's just my opinion and yes, I'll still watch the show, it's a bad habit but still on NATIONAL tv???
I'm getting all worked up here and can't type as fast as my mind goes so I'll just change the subject....
No I didn't feel the earthquake in Nevada. Hope everyone is safe and that no one lost anything irreplaceable. I do wish I'd felt it but at the same time it's scary. I live by mountains and have heard that we are near a fault line. I'm too scared to actually find out. It's not like I'll sell the house if I find out that we are on a fault line. I like my area. So I'll just live with anything that could happen.

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Amberlie said...

Thats so great, since I started cutting out Gavin's afternoon nap, preschool afternoon just aren't the same. I love the quiet too, it's so NICE!