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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A minute of whining

I seriously feel worse today then I did yesterday. My nose is red and breaking out because I only use lotioned kleenex. My eyes burn and I need to wear my glasses which I hate because I see better with my contacts. I lack motiviation. I also did not sleep well last night. I took some meds for NIGHTTIME and they had me more awake then the daytime meds. My body felt so pumped up last night that I'm sure Bob heard it humming. I usually just suffer through all my pain and don't take meds because of this problem. I was just tired of the permanent nasal drip that I took some hoping for a good nights sleep. Darn it anyway. I'm tired and cranky and feel like the whole world is picking at me. I hate being sick. And really this small cold isn't that bad. I have suffered through worse. Maybe it's age. I'm old and my body hates me. It's a simple cold and here I am acting like a big baby. I'm worse then my husband. (still love you honey).

As I tell my kids if they say something negative they also have to say something positive so My positives for the day:
So, my sister recomended afrin nasal spray so Jake and I are going to get that then we are off to BK for lunch. He deserves it for putting up with a whiny mommy.
My great friend Shelby is bringing over dinner and she is a phenomenal cook. Thanks Shelby.
My laundry is mostly caught up and not weighing on my to do list. That's really why I got it all caught up, it just sat in the back of my mind telling me my job wasn't done.
Jake is a great cuddler and will watch a movie in my room while I nap.

Celia, I too had no idea how powerful the internet was. Sorry to share my germs but My mom always taught me that sharing was good. Now if only the neighbor would let me drive his/her BMW. LOL.

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Amberlie said...

Sorry to hear things are worse today, whenever I'm congested I sleep so much better with a humidifier, if you don't have one I have two, so let me know, also you got to get the REAL sudafed at the pharmacy, don't have that I have some, AND maybe try a benadryl(unless it makes you more awake)Last but not least, someone just told me a trick they do with their kids and they said it work well. You put Vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet with sock right before you go to bed. Hope some of this helps, let me know if you need anything. Get well soon!