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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Would you rather

This is from one of the kids' games. The kids totally love the gross factor. So thoughts for the day:
Would you rather
  • Be at the top of a stopped ferris wheel for 24 hours


  • On a roller coaster ride for 2 hours straight

My choice would be the roller coaster for 2 hours straight. I can handle heights as long as I'm not looking down for long periods of time. Stuck on a ferrris wheel for 24 hours would probably give me a heart attack because all I'd be thinking of is falling to my death. I do love ferris wheels but not for that long of a time. There's a skyline tram at Lagoon here in Utah and I freak out riding that one. Scares the bajeebers out of me, especially if I have my kids with me. The roller coaster on the other hand I'd do beacause I think I'd be so busy moving around on the roller coaster that I wouldn't really think about it. I may be sick afterwards but I'll take that chance. At least I'd be alive.


Amberlie said...

Definitely on the ferris wheel, because, I get sick going on a roller coaster ride even one time!

SILLYA said...

I think I would just like to sit on the closest park bench and watch-- I would pull the power switch for you if you were on the roller Coaster-- Not sure what I could do to help in the ferris wheel scenario--