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Thursday, February 21, 2008

what to cook.....

It's that time of day again where I start to think about dinner. I need to make a trip to the grocery store so we are running low on some things. So I thouht I would make my menu for the next 2 weeks and take Jake to the store. I have looked through my 3 favorite cookbooks and NOTHING sounds good. I've asked Jake and Bob what sounds good , they don't care or don't know. How am I supposed to go shopping without my menu planned out? I always spend more when I do that. Out of 3 cookbooks I can't find anything that I'm not tired of. I feel I've made all my favorite recipes way too many times and I'm just tired of cooking. I'm also too lazy today to put forth the energy to make something new. No wonder why my mom always made microwave surprise, even she was surprised at what was made. I think we'll just have taco crunch casserole tonight and Bob can help me make my dinner menus. Without my menu we also eat out alot more. I'm tired of fast food too. When I do have my menu all planned out it makes my day so much easier because I am not always thinking of what to eat for dinner. I can choose something from my handy little menu. I feel like I'm in limbo today wasting my time all because of food and shopping. Two of my most favorite things!!!!! I'm just going to go watch my big brother show from last night and cuddle up with Jake. I hate menu planning but it seems to be a necessary evil in my home.

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SILLYA said...

We should swap some recipe Ideas--- I am always looking for Good and easy and something I can make Gluten Free. I think I will start posting a recipe each week on my blog ( starting tomorrow-- Laurel you are brilliant!