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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Liz

Thirty years ago today my sister Elizabeth was born.I was a little upset that my parents decided not to name her Laurel. My plan as a 5 year old was to name her Laurel and I could then become The Bionic woman. Yes,I have always been a goofy goober. Instead she got saddled with Elizabeth, poor girl.LOL.

My mom has this great picture of Liz when she was about 3. It's usually my mental image of Liz when I think about her. She has this adorable pink bonnet and dress on with her mop of hair sticking out of the bonnet. She is bent over smelling the daffodils and looks so happy. I love that picture of her.

She is my first sister out of 3 and now we are both old foggies in our 30's. Her and I are also the only ones that have kids so far.She is a wonderful mother of 5 and I marvel everyday on how she does it. We have a good time bonding over our parenting tales.

We have moved many times together and grown up together. We have played school and house and beat eachother up. I have tried to teach her how to clean and she has taught me how to smell the roses (or daffodils). We have had our differences as all sisters do but I still stand by her because she is my sister.

We live apart now but stay in touch weekly if not daily. I think of her often but miss her more. Thanks Lizzie for being my sister for the past 30 years. Thanks for sharing the past 30 holidays with me whether together or apart. Thanks for sharing your barbies your clothes and your children with me. Mostly just thanks for being an awesome sister. I miss you and love you. Laurel

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