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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spotted over the weekend....

Kids throwing towels on the floor after they use them. 5 year olds making it rain...with Chocolate chips. Little girls getting all books, crayons, coloring books, and just about anything else they can think of and NOT playing with them. Children getting out every game in their house and never putting any away. Kids "making traps" with yarn in the entire living room!! Mayhem and choas reign supreme everywhere you look. All this in one house people. These were just my 3 kids!! There is so much more I can't even think. Not only that but they also have become deaf. Yes, it's true anything I say is not heard. I can not believe that my sweet kids would not listen to me on purpose. They are either deaf or have lost their brains because anything I say goes in one ear and out the other. I can even tell them to eat a whole gallon of Ice cream and I'll get a "huh", or "I don't want that kind of ice cream". You may be asking where I was during this travesty in my own home. No, I was not out enjoying myself with massages and manicures. I was RIGHT HERE IN THE SAME HOUSE. These kids have super powers. I go upstairs to brush my teeth and BAM! there are books and little girl stuff spread out all over the house. Up the stairs down the stairs, a little pile of girly stuff in every room. It's like she's marking her territory. I go to the bathroom and KAPOW!It's raining chocolate chips and the dogs and cat are jumping all over to get them. With one little 5 year old laughing like crazy. The worst is as while I'm looking at one kid he uses a towel from the towel rack and just throws it on the floor!! He thought I wouldn't see him, thinks he's flash from the Incredibles that kid does.

It was quite the day on Saturday. As you can see. There was so much stuff going on with the kids and the more I tried to get a handle on it the worst it became. The most I can say is at least they were united, even if it was against me. Sunday was much better and we had a wonderful Easter. Hope you all did too.


Amberlie said...

Sounds too familiar...I feel for you!

SILLYA said...

That is classic Laurel-- I am so glad that I am not the only that hears the words come out-- but no one else hears them...sometimes I just turn around and talk to the wall or the ketchup bottle-- they seem to like what I have to say-- or atleast I get the same response as from my children.

I think kids do have super-powers, they can make a mess as fast as lightening, yet be as slow as a snail licking a lollipop when it is time to clean-up-- what's up with that-- why can't they make their mess like a snail and clean up as fast as lightening?

Let me know when you got an answer... or is this one of those FAQ'S?