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Friday, March 14, 2008

Terriyaki beef and noodle bowls

My friend Sillya keeps posting these yummy dinner ideas on her blog site. You should all go over there and look. Her recipe for today was potato soup. YUMMY!!! She is also a great cook. Since I am not a good cook I surround myself with good ones. Here is one of our family favorites to add to the list. In our house it is just called cheap chinese but it sounds so much better (and fancier) when the real name is used. Here ya' go:

1 lb ground beef
1 package stir fry vegetables
2 packages oriental flavor ramen noodles
chopped peanuts if desired

Brown ground beef ( I do this with the spice pack from the ramen noodles) Cook noodles according to directions, drain water add to ground beef mixture. Mix in veggie pack and cook until tender.

I usually double this recipe to feed the whole family. Also, I don't mix the noodles with the ground beef instead I put the noodles in the bottom of the bowl and the kids mix it up as they eat. The kids love this and for once never complain about the veggies in it. It's famous in our house because I cook it alot since it is so cheap and easy to make. I'm all about cheap and easy.


SILLYA said...

Thanks for the plug-- here's the link to my blog:

(a big thanks goes out to Laurel's friend Amberlie for the link to the background-- I'm not that creative-- so I have to copy everything I can!)

Thanks Laurel for the Recipe-- I will try this with some GF Chinese noodles!!

SILLYA said...

Now if someone can tell me how to post pictures-- forgive me, I'm a beginner!!

Amberlie said...

Sounds yum, I'll have to try that since my kids love top ramen. So, is the flavor called "oriental?" cause I always by chicken flavor?

Laurel said...

Celia, I am so bad at giving directions that I may have messed you up more. Glad you got some help. Yes, you are creative.

Amberlie, they are called oriental but I mix it with a beef flavor too. Honestly I can't tell the difference.