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Friday, March 14, 2008


I've been thinking of this poodle thing. I really don't like being linked to J-Lo or Posh. Not my 2 favorite women in the world. I would actually rather be linked to Madonna or even Angelina including her "bad" years. But on the other hand I do like really nice things, not that I can afford any but I do like them. I'll take the cheap knock offs in any case or just wait.My one big splurge is clothes but still I do not buy any of the big name brands. What bothers me the most is that I may be sending out the message of being a materialistic dog. I know it is just a quiz and for "entertainment purposes only" but I hate being misrepresented. On the other, other hand I am who I am and that's all I can be. I like nice and new things period. That's me. I don't HAVE to have those nice things either.I can deal without them, I have so far and it has not been detrimental to my life. I do struggle with simplicity a lot and I need to remember sometimes that lots of stuff only gives you more work. I do like some of the more simple things in life like walks with my family, movie night,or game night and just a nice cuddle. It's just a quiz but it really got me thinking. I'll stay a poodle but I'll be the voice for the other side of us sweet doggies and realize that my worth is not in the clothes, cars, or lifestyle in which I lead. I am Poodle hear me bark!!!
I also have a very corny sense of humor, I hope the poodle does too.


Amberlie said...

I really like what you is so true.

SILLYA said...

I like Poodles like you!!