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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The week (or two) in review

After being sick I've done some catching up in the house. The cleaning that I didn't get done the week I was out. I also sprayed lysol EVERYWHERE. I don't want this bug going around. It was awful. My house is now semi cleaned again. I've resigned myself to the fact that it will never be spotless. And who really cares if it is? I will always have dust somewhere and a pile or two of junk somewhere else. When I don't care it makes things so much easier on me.
The weather has turned nice so I've had to go through spring/summer clothes for the kids. I also did some shopping for more. I love shopping. I love the smell and feel of new clothes. I don't understand when Bob wants his new clothes washed before he wears them. If I were disgustingly rich I'd wear new clothes- without washing-everyday!!! And the saddest thing about all this shopping is I really didn't find much for anyone in the house!!! I really don't like some of the new styles and things are just really expensive right now. So, I actually walked out of a store without buying anything and Jake was totally amazed that I walked out without anything in my shopping cart. I'm just going to wait for awhile on the clothes, maybe I'll actually lose weight. Yeah right.
Grey is my other problem on clothes. He is very picky right now and I've had to buy him new jeans 4 times this school year. He has hit a huge growing spurt and I can't keep up with it. I think he is actually my height but I refuse to measure him because I'll cry. I'll just hide my head in the sand. If he wasn't so particular on his clothes it may be easier but he doesn't like anything that will make him "different" . Which is totally normal for his age and I'll let him find his own style but in the meantime finding anything for him to wear is becoming impossible. So, when he finally outgrows everything else and refuses to wear anything new he may have to run around naked.
The kids got their report cards on Friday and both had good grades. Grey was surprised that 2 bad math papers could bring his grade from a low A to a high B. Maybe he understands it now, natural consequences aren't very nice sometimes. Natalie's teacher writes a personal note to all the students to go in with their report cards. The teacher writes such positive and uplifting things to the kids while also letting them know what to work on. Natalie needs to work on her handwriting and because the teacher wrote it so sweetly Natalie is doing just that.
Sunday we went to a hockey game for a friends birthday. It was Jake's first and he totally loved it. Except for the mascot bear who he was afraid of and hid anytime he came near. It was also Natalie's first that she can remember and she is ready to go and play. Greyson was busy paying attention to the rules and is now researching all the little things he didn't understand about the game. It was really fun and we may do it again as a family.
So, that's my boring but hectic life in the last 2 weeks. I may not actually do much but just keeping everything put together becomes harder then it looks. My goal this week is to finally call an old friend from Nebraska that I miss and to get me and Grey into the eye Doctor.


Amberlie said...

I love your new background, it makes me want to go sun myself outside, unfortunately its supposed to be rain/snow mix tomorrow (yuck!) Maybe soon it will be warm most of the time and we can take the kids to the park! Yeah!

Laurel said...

I've been dying to take the kids to the park. Everytime it's nice I have too much to do. I got the background from one of your favorite sites. They have some cute stuff.

SILLYA said...

You've been busy!! Glad to hear you are feeling well. I know Amberlie does not know me-- but I linked to her blog from yours and from there that is where I got my background as well-- so thanks you Amberlie for sharing it with all of us. Our rainy day actually turned out nice today-- but I think we will still have soup! Glad to here the kids are doing well, give them all hugs and tell them I miss them (and you of course!) Have a great day, my friend!