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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reason # 569 why I love my husband.....

Anytime he has a "business dinner" he brings me home dessert. It's always chocolate and always yummy. He's the best!!!


Twisted Sister said...

Hey, you linked me... How cool does that make you!? Only kidding, you were obviously cool before.

Nice to meet you, especially since we have some things in common: age, Twilight series, we're both moms, you live in the state I want to live in, both of us are VERY good looking and VERY funny.

Laurel said...

I had to link you, it makes my stalking more efficient. You were way too funny not to want to read/stalk everday.

So nice to meet you too. It seems we do have a lot in common!! Thanks for lettting me stalk you. Keep up the good blog work, I need a daily laugh.

Holte & Wheat Clan said...

How come I didn't get dessert from that business dinner???????

You are a lucky woman!!!!(and now I get to go tell my husband he better step up to reason #569..ha ha ha)

Jill S. said...

Any husband who brings home chocolate of any kind is a wise, wise man. And a keeper.