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Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Theresa!!

Today is my baby sister's birthday. She's slowly approaching 30. (did that make you gag Tree?, anything I can do to help.) Theresa is the youngest of 4 girls so she has a hard time with all of us giving her advice. But, she tells us in the nicest way possible to Shut up and goes her own way. It has always worked for her and she has a great life. She has the cutest freckles and the best hair, she's never permed it or colored it and it still looks AMAZING! She is a great singer, has the most beautiful long and skinny fingers and also has some great rhythm, she's funny and caring and will also let me know when she's had enough 0f me. She is probably the hottest out of all of us girls.

I moved away when Theresa was 13 so I've missed alot of those years. But some of my favorite memories of her would be the day she was born when Dad called to say I had a new sister. I could not wait to see her. The years she would watch herself cry in the mirror, probably because she had no hips and her pants always fell off. When her, Krissy, and neighbor girls palyed models or dancing. It was fun watching them. I always wished I could be as carefree as they were. TPing cars when we were both old enough to know better. Taking Stick Krissy out on her best dates EVER!! (don't deny it Krissy). Seeing the softer gentler Theresa every year she held one of my new babies. The queen's bench that use to be at mom's and is now at Liz's. How many years did we all have to sit on that darn thing in chronological order? Her 18th birthday when she got mad at me for making a big deal of it.

Her and I may not always see eye to eye and that's o.k. with me. She's is just right the way she is. But our sense of humor is about the same and that's what is so fun about being around her. I'm so glad my parents decided to have one more sister because my life would not be the same without her cute freckled face and perfect hair in my life. I love you Theresa and I hope you have the BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!


Theresa said...

Well, I wouldn't say I'm the hottest...but you guys are much older, so I look younger at least! :) Just kidding, we're all hot.

Thank you for the sweet post. I wish you would have left out the crying in front of the mirror thing, but you know, it's who I am (sadly, sometimes, I still do it...maybe I'm preparing for a break to be a soap opera actress, I've got the crying down!).

I love you too! Thanks again...I think this has put my day on the right path of being a great day!

Love your baby sister (now almost 30) Tree!

Holly Kay said...

What a SWEET post. I love photos like this. Theresa sure was cute.

Considering your childhood family of four and current family of three siblings, I bet you (and Theresa!) have some real valuable thoughts on this topic. Maybe good post material?? Which number worked best--3 or 4? What years in distance made siblings lonely?

Holly Kay