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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Answers to our Fabulous game

It is the Penguin people.
My first thoughts on seeing the penguin was
" why is this here? and who the heck put it there?"
"why am I the only one who can put things away correctly?"
AND THEN my best thought was
"wheres the camera, this will look awesome on my blog!!"

I've had so much fun I just might make it a regular post. After all nothing ever gets put away right in my home unless I do it and this lets me laugh about it instead of losing my mind. (there's just not that much left anymore.)

Yes Amber we have fruit in our fridge, but only so the kids can throw it at eachother.

It was not Brooklyn hiding Jakes ONLY penguin , it was actually Natalie. But since I don't cook often I'm sure it would be a great hiding place for future reference.

Zoey you are way smart. You should do it too and drive your mom crazy. It would be funny. I'll see you soon and we can trade ideas on how to drive your mom crazy too.


Amber said...

I think Natalie was being very clever, actually. She knew penguins belong in the cold! Are you sure she was hiding it or was she just putting him back in his natural habitat? Clever little cutie!!!

zoey said...

lets not share ways to drive mom crazy with zoe. she is doing a fine enough job as it is and between her and her siblings i just dont have enough mind left to lose and still be able to walk. (written by zoe's mom using zoe's blog account because she is too busy to blog on her own!)