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Friday, June 20, 2008

Glad I wasn't wasting my time...

Myth: Crunches will get rid of my spare tire.

Reality: Everyone stores extra weight differently, but the gut is one of the most common problem areas for men. Even if you do a gazillion stomach crunches and sit-ups, you won’t burn enough calories to lose the fat around your middle and see the muscles you’ve built up underneath. To get flatter, more defined abs, you need to cut calories and add more overall exercise. Stick to a low-fat diet of lean protein and healthy carbs while doing a combination of cardio and strength-training. But keep in mind that you still need to do some stomach exercises.

I would have been so disappointed had I actually been doing crunches. Somedays it pays to be lazy!!!


Twisted Sister said...

This is my new recent goal... will have to keep all this good information in mind. :-)

Laurel said...

I'm so glad to help. Don't do crunches, it doesn't work. Hmm, I might say I do 500 crunches a day and I still have a spare tire. I love excuses.