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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I AM LINKED TO ANOTHER BLOG. And I'm not related to them and they don't live in my neighborhood. That totally made my day. I feel so popular!!! Thank you Twisted Sister and Husband Clothes for the link. Doesn't it make stalking me so much easier?

My sister said in one of her blogs that she needs to cancel all blog accounts and return the real world. At first I agreed, but after a restless night I have come to the conclusion that blogs are actually the real world. Where else can you really say some of those things that are on your mind? Then you get people like me who stumble on those sites and think "hey, that's just like me". Reading/stalking other blogs makes me feel normal, it gives me clarification of who I am and what I do with my life. That I am not the only person who's ______(fill-in-the-blank) make me ________(add your own feelings). That we all love our families but somedays we have just had it. I need to have that clarification.

I like knowing that I'm not the only one who has dropped thier baby and blamed it on the 2year old. That someone else's kids like to play with dish soap, that some days husbands can drive you crazy no matter how deeply you love them, that kids love mascara no matter what sex, that the post office rips off everyone and that's why you should have eloped in Vegas, that cha-cha's need some extra help from caring women. Basically we all struggle no matter where in the world we are or how much is in our bank accounts. It does not matter what our religion is or how many kids/husbands we have. Our inner core seems to be the same. (in my head I'm hearing a "hell Yea").

Going to other blogs gives me a sense of comraderie because I know that even if my day is crappy someone else is also having a crappy day (I read it on their blog when I should have been cleaning). So, thanks to all my real friends and all my new blog friends, thanks for helping me see that your all messed up and I'm normal. Just kidding, don't come egg my house.


Theresa said...

Ok, maybe blog world has similarities to the real world...but like I said to you earlier today. Isn't it kind of horrible that when something happens in life (like, me stressing about some intricate detail of my wedding) and you say to yourself "I'll blog about it".

I'm not saying I dislike blogs, but I feel myself falling into the web of blogs. Blogs are great, I get to speak my mind without really having to speak my mind directly to someone. BUT, doesn't really help me work on my interpersonal relationship skills for my career. Does it?

Screw it, I'll keep reading, and typing...and probably get worse once Adam moves away.

Laurel said...

I can also get sucked up into the blog world. I just like knowing that at the core we are all the same. Makes me feel safe. And if you blog about some of your anxieties you can get clarifications back. See, we all trip up the stairs and we all feel dumb about it. It's like mom says you just need a balance. Use blogging but also work on those other skills.

Canesa said...

My almost two year old REALLY DID drop my baby!!!!!!!! hee hee hee

Laurel said...

I know she did. Natalie did the same to Jake once. Thanks for getting the joke though. Love your new background on your blog, BTW.

Holly Kay said...


You are so, so funny. I laughed aloud while reading this post. I can relate so much, both with the lighter point about feeling popular, as well as your points about feeling "normal."

And this lead me to a tangent...I wonder how ladies made themselves feel normal before blogs? I don't mothers, even good friends, are as open about their faults as people are on their mom blogs. Do you?

Laurel said...

I think my mom just stayed on the phone forever. I don't know how they do it. I have found since starting this blog I have more clarification and I realize I am not alone.
It's so much easier to bear your soul when you don't see the person. I try to be honest about everything but seriously, it's hard. Especially when you see the other person roll their eyes.
Glad you enjoyed my post, I always enjoy yours.