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Friday, June 27, 2008

How to torment a 5 year old

I finally took the kids to the dentist this week. It's been a long time. We had the world's best dentist back in Idaho so I've been dragging my feet since the move. Jake has only been to the dentist twice so he was a little scared to go but said he would be brave. It made it easier that the two older kids were going too because it seems to make him braver. Or so I thought....
He loved the waiting room with all the fish and special kid chairs but once they took him to the back to get the x-rays he hated it!!! He refused to get the x-rays and continually asked to go home. I bribed him with cars, moonsand, food, anything I could think of. He just sat there with his fingers in his mouth (he doesn't usually do that) and flat out refused. Jake is actually the main reason we went to the dentist, I know he had a cavity. So, I wrestled Jake down so that the dentist can see his teeth and he has 7 that are visible!! ACKK! Because he is being so uncooperative the dentist wants to put him in full sedation to even fill those cavities. Bob d0es not think he needs that and so he is going to take Jake back to see if he can get Jake to take those xrays and maybe just give him a kiddie valium to ease the anxiety. Wish him luck. Jake is all big tuff guy now but once he gets to the office I'm sure it won't be so pretty. Next time Jake misbehaves I won't be taking away his favorite toys, I'll just threaten him with a visit to the dentist.

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