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Friday, May 30, 2008

Get paid to Blog??? NO WAY!!!

I first heard this at book club the other night. I haven't lived under a rock I know people get paid to blog. For instance, Perez Hilton, but he's big time gossip so I thought that was the type of people who get paid to write about their lives. Sooo, when I found out that regular housewives who have mommy blogs also get paid to run advertising I was AMAZED!!! Not just that, but this one woman can get 10,000 a MONTH. Yes, a month. WOW!! I'm sure it's a dream job for all of us bloggers and I'm not naive enough to think that I can do it but it sure is fun to dream!!!
So, I started thinking "Laurel, what type of things could be advertised on your blog?" I do talk to myself in the third person alot, I am a geek as stated before. Here is a short list of those things that could be advertised on my blog.

  1. Axe spray of course
  2. Spongebob Shows
  3. Happy pills a.k.a. Prozac
  4. Gymboree because I'm always shopping there
  5. Spanx underwear because I should be wearing them
  6. FOOD-I love food I won't be picky on those advertisements
  7. Cherry pitters.
  8. Duct tape----this is multipurpose:
  • Wrap up your kids so you know where they are
  • Tape the mouth of your incessant talker for a few minutes of peace
  • Wrapping presents-My mom actually did this one year!! See why I am such a geek?
  • Close the holes around your house
  • Fix anything with duct tape-glasses, hoses you name it I'm sure duct tape can be used.

I'm sure there's others. I'll have to update later. But, if everyone 0nly paid 100/month that's 800!!! KACHING. To some that may not seem like alot but that's 800 more then I have now. I'd be able to pay someone to carry around my bags at the boutique. . BTW. I did go to that one ladies site and it's ok. My friends and I are better.

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The Cottle Family said...

I guess we better start advertising! We need those boutique assistants ASAP, there's a boutique in June during Strawberry Days!