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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A tale of two cherry pitters

A long, long time ago (just a few years actually) I wanted to make a real cherry pie. I bought alot of cherries got them home and started to make the pie. Whoops, I forgot you need to pit fresh cherries. SO, I begin pitting them and it is not fun. A good friend of mine then told me she has a cherry pitter and thankfully let me use it. What a wonderful thing that cherry pitter. I finished my pies and returned that cherry pitter regretfully. Since then , about 4 years, Bob has been looking for the same type of cherry pitter. There are alot of them out there but we wanted the one that our friend had because it was simple and yet efficient. So, 4 years of searching every store we go into that has any type of kitchen utensils. Then yesterday, VOILA (insert music) we found THE CHERRY PITTER. YEAH!!! If you know Bob we had to buy 2, just in case one breaks and we can never find them again. We bring our treasured cherry pitters home, Bob starts opening them and I hear "AHHHH, get me a rag".

Yes Bob cut himself opening our cherry pitters. Jabbed himself between the thumb and first finger. (sidenote:Bob never cuts himself-EVER) I go look at his hand and it's pretty deep and gushing blood. Really gushing. He needs to go to the ER. HE thinks he can just put some liquid band aid crap on it and be fine. Except it is still gushing and his fingers are tingling. He concedes that he needs to go to the ER. Bob says he will only stay if it isn't busy, he's not waiting around to tell him he's fine. I know the whole way he was praying for a major disaster to avert his ER trip. We get there and Guess what. NO LINES. We were the ONLY ones there. Bob is stuck.

He's taken to the back they look at his hand and tell him that he barely missed anything substantial and then give him 3 stitches. The kids got him a sucker for being a good boy.

Bob never does these things, he still reminds me to be careful opening things with a pocket knife. Guess who is going to be reminded from now on. I even had to sign his admittance slip to the ER. It was awesome!!! Not that he got hurt but that HE was the one to make a mistake and not me. We have been married for almost 14 years and this is one of a handful of mistakes. I relish in them because they rarely happen. Poor guy.

He's fine now. He got the meaty part of his hand so it's still painful but he didn't get anything too detrimental to his life. He does however have to cancel golfing for Monday. I am still going to make those cherry pies but it will be me opening the other package. I can't trust him to be careful with a pocket knife. HAHAHAHA.
P.S. (can you add a P.S. in a blog post?) Bob wanted me to add that even though his blood got on our kitchen floor and some on our walls he did NOT get any blood on his brand new yellow shirt. NOT ONE DROP OF BLOOD. Ok. I told you. Feel better honey?

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Panya said...

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