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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull....

Saturday we went to a screening for IMFT (Bob's work) for the new Indiana Jones movie. Bob got the tickets from work and they included a pop and popcorn for every ticket. So, we arrive and it is SUPER busy, the place is packed with IMFT employees. We find our seats with the popcorn already boxed on the seats. Before the movie starts we are told to look on the bottom of our popcorn boxes and if there is a star we have won a prize. Yeah, we won!! Or Jake won. He was so excited. Out of about 300 people only 30 got a prize. I need to start taking my camera everywhere so I can get pictures of these things when they happen. We did get a picture once we got home. Here are the kids and Jakes prize of an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head. The movie wasn't too bad but Hey, we got a potato head out of it.

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