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Friday, May 9, 2008


12 years ago today I became a mom to one of the most intelligent, funny, curious, and nice boys a mother could ever want. I was going to do the same thing I did for Jake's birthday but I decided to go a different route after looking at a friend's blog. (Thanks for the idea Amberlie)

Things to remember about Greyson.

  • He was born in Idaho at 9 lbs 2 oz and has been growing fast ever since.

  • He has one of the best smiles I know of but doesn't always like to show it.

  • He loves dinosaurs and dragons.
  • He has always been funny but may not always shows it.

  • He is so very smart. But he won't brag about it.

  • He has played with Legos, Rescue heroes, blocks, cars and even dolls.

  • He is the most dedicated friend.

  • He always has a hug even if it might embarrass him.

  • He once peed in my mom's front yard to the dismay of my sisters.

  • He has traveled to Oregon, Nebraska, Chicago, Texas and Washington D.C.

  • He will hold the door open for women and other girls.

  • He has only had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

  • He has only had 3 stitches in his life.
  • He is an awesome reader.

  • He has 2 cowlicks in his hair and yet his hair looks good, most of the time.

  • He is also a very good writer and I hope he writes more stories.
  • He's really good at chess
  • His imagination is extraordinary. He thinks of things that no 12 year old should.
  • He's a good swimmer.

  • He has taught me patience and unconditional love.

  • He will always chose steak at any restaurant.
  • He loves chocolate, especially Ghiradelli.

  • He only eats vanilla ice cream.

  • He is an all around superb boy and I am lucky to have him as my son. I can not wait to see what life has in store for him.

I am posting a few pics. I just couldn't decide which ones. There are so many stories to go with all of them. 12 years is a long time!! I love you Greyson. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

Grey as a newborn. Look at those sweet cheeks. Greyson at 6 months. He was actually 30 lbs. I love all those baby rolls.

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Amberlie said...

those pictures are too sweet!!